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How to change App Launch Image in iOS


  • 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro
  • 2. Xcode 6.0 or higher (Setup guide)
  • 3. Project Code in Objective C
  • 4. Basic knowledge of programming in Objective C and know how of using Xcode
  • 5. Basic Knowledge of Photoshop.


  • Launch Image is an image which shows when your app is loading. Duration depends on your app. but generally for light apps like this it displays for 1-5 seconds. If you don’t set a launch image then a black screen is displayed and the user may think that your app is buggy or not functional or slow. Its not a good practice to not have a launch image and if you’re submitting your app to app store then its required else it will be rejected.
  • Changing a launch image is similar to changing App Icon. The bundle you get has default launch image set. Generally it can be your company logo you used in App Icon and your company name and/or app name. Here are the things you might take care while designing the launch app. #launch-image-hig. You will need following sizes in PNG format.

How to change App Launch Image in iOS

Generating the Launch Image:

Go to It will
open a Github project page. Click the “Download ZIP” button. It will help you generate the Launch
Images for all sizes based on your App Logo. Help Video show how to use it.

Replacing the Launch Image:

  • 1. Open the Images.xcassets file in Project Navigator (quick open by cmd + shift + O) (Fig 1 -1). It will open navigator area where all images are listed.
  • 2. In navigator area click “LaunchImage” (Fig 1 – 2) which will show you the current launch images (Fig 1 – 3).
  • 3. Replace them by your version of images by dragging and dropping from finder (Fig 1 – 4).

How to change App Launch Image in iOS