Our Portfolio - Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iphone App Development
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Our Portfolio

Over the past few years we have completed over 500 Android and iPhone mobile app development projects for leading companies based world-wide. Many of the mobile apps are popular and doing well in Android Play Store and Apple iTunes.

Some of the mobile apps that we’ve designed & developed include:

  • RSS Android App


    It is a one central place to manage your favorite newspapers, magazine….

  • Audio Player Android App

    Audio Player

    A advance Audio player which have three type of player to play streaming…

  • Local Video Player Android App

    Local Video Player

    It is an advanced video player app. It’s show all local video list from…

  • Place Near Me Android App

    Place Near Me

    Places Near Me shows your current location and provides in depth city/places…

  • Tanzania Tourism Android App

    Tanzania Tourism

    The tourism promotion app includes popular Destination, Things to do, Places…

  • Slive Android App


    Slive is one type of TV channel app. This app is functional for both mobile…

  • PI Camera Android App

    PI Camera

    It’s a private Investigation camera for a organization who want to capture…

  • Senego News Android App

    Senego News

    The mobile app provides news with category of African countries using JSON feed…

  • WordPress Android App


    App is based on wordpress site only. All version of xml feed is readable by this…

  • Hindi Newspaper Android App

    Hindi Newspaper

    Mobile app for dailynews is hindi news app for India all content are in hindi only…

  • Smart Selfie Android App

    Smart Selfie

    A Selfie is a photo of you, taken by yourself. App includes share instantly…

  • Prayer Times Android App

    Prayer Times

    The app involves playing of daily alarms, with 3 different times…

  • Arabic News Android App

    Arabic News

    A leading Arabic news channel – sdhnews displays latest happenings…

  • Iraq News Android App

    Iraq News

    The mobile app – Burtha news is a leading Iraqi news app. It has push…

  • Kenya Coupons Android App

    Kenya Coupons

    This software is use to show coupons of multi site. You can add any coupons…

  • Quiz Android App

    Quiz App

    It’s based on video and image quiz. User can play this video in side app…

  • Webview Android App

    Webview App

    Webview app is made for any responsive site. Just add your website link…

Contact us today to discuss your custom Android, iOS, Mobile App development project.